Avast Cleanup Premium 2018-2028

Lightweight, but powerful, Avast Premier is our top-of-the-line product with more than 15 features to protect your PC and your privacy.

Our new Webcam Shield and Ransomware Shield ensure that no one can spy on you through your built-in camera.

or take your personal files for ransom.

And, there’s much more. Here's what you get with Avast Premier:

Protect your PC in real-time

Detect viruses, ransomware, Trojans, and other types of malware as soon as they appear, and block them before they can do any damage.

End webcam spying

Maintain total control over your webcam by forcing untrusted applications to get your permission before using it, or even disabling it for good.

Stay safe from ransomware

An extra layer of ransomware protection for your most important files and photos,

which blocks untrusted apps from changing, deleting, or encrypting them.

Keep your software updated

Old and outdated programs will slowly poke holes in your security wall. Update all your software automatically to be less vulnerable to malware attacks.

Delete files permanently

Hackers can steal your documents even after you’ve deleted them. Keep your secrets safe by permanently shredding sensitive files once you’re done using them.

Keep hackers out

Our firewall prevents strangers and malicious applications from harming you, by allowing you to control what goes in and out of your computer.

Block spam messages

Malware is commonly distributed through spam. Avoid harmful messages and attachments, so you can focus on the emails that truly matter.

Avoid fake websites

Use our secure DNS (Domain Name System) settings to stay safe from hackers who try to hijack your router and redirect you to fake sites.

Secure your home network

Scan your home Wi-Fi network to find and fix vulnerabilities which make it easy for malware to slip through.

Keep your browser clean

Get rid of all those useless toolbars, add-ons and browser extensions that were installed without you noticing.

Seems like a heavy load? No need to worry. Thanks to cloud-based processing, Avast Premier is able to protect you without slowing you down.

Get it now to discover why 400 million users around the globe trust us with their data, devices, and dreams.

PC Minimum System Requirements:

Processor: Processor Pentium 4 RAM: 256 MB Hard Disk: 2 GB Video Card: Any type Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Avast Antivirus - New Features Webcam Shield:

Webcam Shield, available in the latest version of Avast Premier, prevents applications and malware from accessing your PC's webcam

without your consent. With Webcam Shield enabled, untrusted applications

cannot capture images or videos and send the content outside of your PC to compromise your privacy.

Webcam Shield is enabled by default. To access this feature, open the Avast user interface and go to Privacy ▸ Webcam Shield. For more information

Sensitive Data ShieldSensitive Data Shield, available in the latest versions of Avast Premier and Avast Internet Security,

scans and protects your personal sensitive documents against unauthorized access and malware. The files considered

as sensitive contain your personal information which, if revealed, can compromise your privacy and identity.

Sensitive Data Shield controls which applications and users have access to your files to secure your private data.

Sensitive Data Shield is enabled by default. To access this feature, open the Avast user interface and go to Privacy ▸ Sensitive Data Shield.

Ransomware ShieldRansomware Shield, available in the latest version of Avast Premier and Avast Internet Security,

secures your personal photos, documents, and other files from being modified, deleted, or encrypted by ransomware attacks.

This feature scans for and automatically secures folders which may contain personal data and allows you to specify which

other folders you want to protect from untrusted applications. Additionally,

you can specify which applications are allowed to modify the files in your folders and which applications are always blocked.

Ransomware Shield is enabled by default. To access this feature, open the Avast user interface and

go to ☰ Menu ▸ Settings ▸ Components. For more information about Ransomware Shield, Do Not Disturb Mode

No update ,Expire Date 2028